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Join The Greener Camping Club

By becoming a member of The Greener Camping Club you’ll be part of a very select group of discerning, environmentally-friendly campers. Membership costs £12 and entitles you to stay at any of our campsites (subject to availability).

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What do you get as a Member?

Access to some of the nicest campsites in Wales – and England. Probably the lowest environmental impact holidays in the UK. Facilities powered by renewable energy. Zero waste initiatives, we strive for 100% recycling where local authorities support.

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All our campsites site have made provision for wildlife habitats, flora and fauna. Self imposed limits on numbers of visitors on site at anyone time.

Room to play and room for the soul

We pride our selves on space. You’ll never experience guy lines overlapping! Most of our sites have pitches where you can barely see your neighbour, let alone hear them snoring whilst your guy ropes entwine. There is more space for nature. Don’t expect manicured lawns everywhere, less mowing is good for the environment.

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Why is it so difficult to enjoy one of the simplest satisfying experiences in life. All our sites allow campfires and encourage safe practices and best of all – cooking on the campfire. Locally sourced firewood with a virtually zero carbon impact.

New friends

Our certificated sites have a very high repeat booking rate. All of the above mean you won’t want to go camping in an ordinary field site ever again. This means you will meet like-minded people who you will want to share this real quality camping experience with again and again. Don’t just take our word for it see the reviews.

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Many of our sites have in-built education, you will have a great holiday, enjoy space, peace and quiet and the countryside at a sustainable level and there will be opportunities to learn about the flora and fauna of your camp site.

How to join

The easiest way to join the Greener Camping Club is to book a holiday with one of our campsites. The £12 membership fee will be added to your camping fees and you will receive your Membership eCard when you pay your deposit or make full payment. Only one membership is required per family. Browse our campsites here.

Alternatively you can join as a direct member. We have two options for payment:

1. By Internet Bank Transfer
Please use this form stating that you wish to join the Club and want to pay by internet bank transfer. We will send you our bank account details.

2. By PayPal
Please use this form stating that you wish to join the Club and want to pay by PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice.

*The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. If you join on or after 1st September, your membership is valid until 31st December of the following year. Membership entitles you to stay at any of our Certificated Sites – subject to availability. All our sites are small, unique and meet or exceed The Greener Camping Club’s environmental and ethical standards